About ZT

Zipper Technology(ZT) is a subsidiary of Minuterie 3M in Asia.

The main business includes the import of magnetic and non- magnetic European Cap, Double Way Zipper Tooth, Single Tooth Attaching Machine and the European section of the Top Stop.

All products are made of high quality brass or stainless steel in Italy to achieve a certain strength and to avoid seasonal rupture.

At the same time, ZT from domestic high quality suppliers to purchase and export Zipper Accessories, Close End Zipper and Long Chain Zipper to the European zipper factory customer.

About 3M

Minuterie 3M is a company that manufactures high precision small metal components (under specific costumer requirement) stamped/punched/formed/shaped in wire and tape.

Production is made with Bruderer automatic punching presses and with Bihler automatic punching and bending machines.

Stamps and tools are designed and manufactured by our expert staff with the aid of the latest technologies.

Small metal components are found in the Automotive Industries, Electrical and Electronic Industries such as Lisghting, Lamps, Fittings, Connections, etc.